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Anny’s Plastic Tableware, founded in 2007, is a leading disposable tableware wholesale manufacturer and exporter of food packaging and catering products. Our products mainly include disposable plastic tableware, biodegradable cornstarch tableware, biodegradable bagasse tableware. We specialize in thermoform moulded disposable plastic plates, cups, bowls; injection moulded plastic glasses, disposable plastic cutlery, plastic plates and bowls; household aluminum foils and foil containers with lids, dinner trays, imprinted plastic cups, elegant plastic dinnerware, biodegradable cornstarch tableware, biodegradable bagasse tableware, cornstarch cups, cornstarch cutlery, plates, bagasse plates and clamshell containers and more. We strive to build the confidence and loyalty of our customer by continually providing value.

Annys Plastic Tableware- leading food packaging and disposable tableware manufacturer, exporter of catering products to several countries. Call for more info

Product Categories

PET cups and containers..

pk10牛牛PET plastic (also known as PETE) is a thermoplastic resin of the polyester family. Most single-serve plastic cups and bottles for soft drink....

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PP Cups And Containers..

pk10牛牛Disposable plastic cup plays more and more important part in our daily life. We can find the cups at parties, picnice, restaurants, bars and....

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Microwaveable Plastic Con..

pk10牛牛The microwavable plastic containers are microwavable and made from food graded polypropyrene(PP), they can be used for hot food as well as ....

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Ovenable CPET Containers..

pk10牛牛These containers are made from CPET, which is a new type of packaging products in the line. They have great heat resistance, can be used bet....

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Plastic Cutlery..

pk10牛牛Anny’s Plastic Tableware has different sizes and weights of disposable plastic cutlery in wholesale quanti....

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Thermoformed Plastic Plat..

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What's New
paper party straws

Paper drinking straws for parties

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white paper straws

White Paper Drinking Straws

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5" disposable plastic square bowls, 12cm plastic dessert bowls

pk10牛牛5″ 12cm Disposable Plastic Square Dessert Bowl-ABS12

view details
7" square disposable plastic bowls

pk10牛牛7″ 18cm Disposable Plastic Soup Bowl-ABS18

view details
rectangular disposable plastic trays, rectangular disposable plastic plates

Rectangular Disposable Plastic Tray-APR011

view details
7" square disposable plastic plate

7“/18cm Square Disposable Plastic Plate-APS18

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CPET ovenable muffin bakery pans, 6 cavities bakery trays

CPET Ovenable 6 Cavities Muffin Bakery Pans-CPET601

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silver plastic disposable fruit forks

Silver Plastic Disposable Fruit Forks

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